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About Us

We have left our previous careers to find a great company and invest all of our energy into leading its next phase of growth. Fremont Street Partners brings the experience and expertise to scale operations, build a great culture, and improve the lives of employees and communities.

Our Strengths:

Experience and Expertise

The Managing Partners bring a track record of success and deep professional expertise in finance, accounting, strategy, sales and marketing. They are leaving their careers to become entrepreneurs and build great teams that outperform the competition. 

Fully Dedicated Team

We are buying one business and managing it ourselves. 100% of our focus will be on your business and its stakeholders. We are backed by several experienced investors and entrepreneurs who will advise us along the way.

Long Term Growth Orientation

We will not sacrifice short term gains for the long term success of the business. We are not cost-cutting or divesting parts to achieve a quick profit. Our goal is to grow the company over a long time horizon and responsibly build it into a market leader. 


We have support from a large capital pool of sophisticated investors, and you can be confident in our ability to execute on agreed upon terms and timelines.

Honesty and Integrity

We value family and treating every single person with respect. It is our priority to treat our employees and customers with the same care. We want the full trust and support of a seller hoping to preserve and extend their legacy.

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