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We are looking to find one high-quality business with...

  • $1 million - $10 million in annual profit

  • A high degree of recurring revenue

  • A differentiated product or service

  • A history of profitability

  • A deep bench of talent and local leadership

  • An owner who values continuity of company culture and values

  • An owner looking to transition entirely out of the business or retain a minority stake

Who should work with Fremont Street Partners?

We will ensure confidentiality and do everything in our power to create a successful transition to new ownership. The following situations may be well suited to our approach:

  • Founder-owned and family-owned businesses

  • Business owners looking for liquidity but who wish to maintain some equity and stay involved

  • Families undergoing a generational transfer and looking to explore all of their options around a transition

  • Intermediaries who know of a business that may fit our criteria (we pay market finder fees)

We are committed to offering a flexible transaction structure to accommodate the unique needs of a seller.

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